Auditions: She Loves Me



When: November 19th and 20th at 6:30 pm

Where: TBD

Director: Lorna Hamilton

Choreopgrapher: Jenn Newton

Music Director: Jesse Hampsch


Please bring a prepared song and be dressed to move.  There are no children's roles.


Mr. Maraczek – owner of Maraczek’s perfumery.    Male 40-70

Ladislav Sipos – salesperson and  friend of Georg.    Adult male.  The sidekick.  Good comedic timing a plus.

Arpad Lasgro – ambitious delivery boy.  Young male.  Eager to please .  Tenor/baritone

Ilona Ritter – salesperson  who needs romance.    Adult female any age.     Dancing required.    Soprano/alto.

Steven Kodaly – slimy salesperson.    Adult male any age.  Tenor/baritone

Georg Norwack – Assistant manager.  Conservative,  Tom Hanks-type.    Tenor/baritone

Amalia Balash --   in love, but restrained.  Meg Ryan-type.    Strong soprano

Head waiter – adult male.   Comedic timing a plus.   Baritone

Ensemble – physical comedy  and dancing.  Vocal = all ranges. 



Please email questions to: