Presenting: The Improv Co-Op!

Improv Show

The Improv Co-Op is back at the Playhouse! And they need your help! Now, the bad news is that their show will not have a live audience, and instead will be filmed for viewing right here on Facebook. But the good news is that they will be hilarious as usual. Normally, the Improv Co-Op thrives on the audience shouting out ideas and topics for them to work their improv magic with. They still need your help. HERE is the place for you to do your shouting. Comment with your suggestions about relationships, places, objects, celebrities, or whatever strikes you as weird and funny on our Facebook post. It can be anything from twice-baked lasagna to the Suez Canal to Lil Nas X. They need your ideas RIGHT NOW, as taping of their show will be at the end of the week. And please, keep it PG-13. This will be an all ages show.

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