Lifetime Members

Jerry and Patty Dicker
Bob and Pat Mielbrecht
Debra Ann Garrett

Lighting System Donors

Bob Brown

Ten Year Members

Al Kiefer (2024)
Judith Killin (2024)
Howard Sterner (2024)

Five Year Members

James and Barbara Fillmore (2019)
Suzanne Ratelle (2019)
Rob and Diane Rutherford (2019)
Lynda and Rustin Hall (2019)
Will and Angel Mellick (2019)
Teri Grubbs (2020)

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50th Year Foundation

Alex Robinson
Zol Media
Marina Kalani
Carolyn and Larry Jess
Dan ‘Doc’ Heggem
Kootenai Title
Brittani C. Kelly
Bruce and Tama Jordan
Row Adventures
R. R. Bradley and Associates
Troy Nickerson
David Gigler
Advanced Roofing and Construction
Cody and Jennie Pearson
Alba Jeanne and Barrie MacConnell
Bob McAdams
Mountain West Bank
Ruth Pratt
Laura Little
Amy Westgarth
John and Susan Lee
Palmer George, PLLC
Ron and Pam Nelson
Phil and Leslie Damiano
George and Brianne Green
Jim and Nancy Hoffman
Rudy and Nancy Klein
Kent and Norilee Kimball
Duane and Susan Jacklin
Barry and Sandy Moor
Linda Daggy
Custom Roofing
Eric and Kearney Paine
Jim and Mary Duram
Kathie O’Brien
Jay and Jamie Russell
Grace Leaf
Rick Bartels
Anne and Lance Mitchell
Pat and Heather McHenry-Kroetch
Silverwood Theme Park
Bob and Pat Mielbrecht